Block Paving Driveway With Tree Beds

Block Paving Features

The Abbey Paving Teams create many driveways and patios every year and each driveway is unique. Every driveway has different lengths, widths and slopes at different gradients and sometimes uneven contours over the ground. It is important to our customers that we can create the correct features to make their driveway or patio both visually pleasing and safe by using features. This means we must add features with most paving projects. Our popular block paving features include block paving steps, driveway borders, raised flowerbeds, bendy pathways, door steps, water soakaways, raised brickwork edging, linear drains and many more. See our block paving features photo album which add the finishing touches to our customers. Here are just a few block paving features.

Popularity of Features

Block Paved Doorsteps
Block Paved Pathways
Raised Flower Beds
Driveway Soakaways
Raised Driveway Edging